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We are founders. And we empower exceptional fellow founders and their teams on their mission to build world-class startups. We’re there to help them start, scale and excel, providing knowledge, network, rapid execution and seed capital. And we know what it takes to be a founding team.

 We’re not investors, we’re not consultants, and we know how to get our hands dirty. We have built companies for more than 20 years, and we’re still building them, providing our knowledge to exceptional people who want to start their businesses. Join us.

exciting jobs

Want to join one of our rocket ships? We have plenty of open roles available for ambitious, talented people who want to take a leap.

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high performance news

Our latest edition: Engaige

We're happy to announce the founding of Engaige Technologies, our newest kid in town. At Engaige, we provide AI-powered automation solutions for mid-size and large companies who are serious about their customer experience. Congrats to the founding team; Rory and Tijmen!

The Home of Growth x VDS

One of Europe's most exciting tech events, VDS, is happening once again in Valencia. We're eager to connect with fellow founders, investors, and business builders during the conference. Stay tuned for some exciting on-site events!

Our next step in Co-living: weVLC Sustainable Living

At weVLC we are expanding our co-living concept, reimagining the way international young ex-pats experience a new city. Introducing, weVLC Sustainable Living.

Culture at The Home of Growth.

Building cool startups is what we do, culture is what binds us. From our HQ in the middle of vibrant Valencia, we're growing through the combination of people and technology.

Welcome to The Home of Growth

Our Core Values

Do it Together

'Doing it Together' is our paramount core value, embraced by all group companies, emphasizing teamwork over individualism, fostering open communication, and prioritizing collective success above all else

Work to win

At the Home of Growth, we're driven by a singular goal: winning. We're committed to achieving lasting impact, akin to a competitive sports team, prioritizing victory over sentimental attachments, relentlessly striving for gold."

Own, Solve it & Deliver

At the Home of Growth, we're all about action and results. We take ownership, deliver, and don't just talk about it. We tackle challenges head-on, whether it's cleaning up, replenishing supplies, or solving problems at other companies - it's that straightforward.

Show Electrifying Energy

We value high energy and vibrant ideas, creating a dynamic work environment that resonates throughout our offices and interactions. We seek out like-minded, energetic individuals who embody this spirit, fostering a welcoming and lively atmosphere for all

Sharing is Caring

At the Home of Growth, we thrive on transparency and openness, sharing information freely across the board, with rare exceptions for truly confidential matters. We prefer open channels for communication, welcoming everyone to participate, and prioritize inclusivity over private sessions, embodying a culture of kindness and friendliness.

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